OTP Podcast: Episode 15 – Dr Gynaecologist

Posted by - March 2, 2011 - Podcast

Sigur Rós with Balotelli

The Off The Post Podcast is much like watching your favourite band play a bad gig: you convince yourself you’re in for something great, but ultimately you’re let down by a real lack of charisma and no decent content.

On this week’s Pod set list: acrobatic Brazilian physios, why Ashley Cole is a real straight shooter, owl-kicking madness in Colombia, and why Roberto Mancini has been spending too much time in the joke shop.

We’ll also be rounding up the best of the weekend’s action and talking to music connoisseur Andy Ingles about which Premier League player we would most like to take to a concert and which band would play.

Video evidence:

Arsenal’s Robin van Persie doing the two things he does best simultaneously: scoring goals and getting injured. Remarkable.

Birmingham’s Barry Ferguson giving Laurent Koscielny a sporting consolatory pat on the head after his gaffe that gifted Birmingham the League Cup. Well, kind of… Cue Wilshere Twitter rant.

This is genuine coverage from a news channel in Taiwan that specializes in CGI-ing major news stories. Dressing Cole up in a jester outfit and the way the victim’s wound reopens are absolute masterstrokes:

Didier Drogba showing what his rap alias “Drogbacite” is capable of on the mic. Lyrics such as “My name is Didier Drogba, I was born in Ivory Coast” have got Dr Dre quaking in his very expensive boots. No sign of collaborator Dr Gynaecologist mind.

Sae Caetano coach Ademir Fonseca proving that all you need to get your coaching badges in Brazil is a pack of matches and an icebox full of handheld fireworks.

Colombian football stadiums: where ornithology is frowned upon.

Brazilian physio after his acrobatic antics: “It’s great to have the opportunity to showcase my gymnastic talents in front of so many people each week. Sometimes the players just fake it so I can smash out a cartwheel. I’m trying to get some parallel bars installed in the dugout but the gaffer is taking some persuading.”

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