OTP Podcast: Episode 17 – No Goals, No Cups

Posted by - March 16, 2011 - Podcast

Davies, you skiver

Like little Fabio Da Silva and his voodoo doll, Off The Post Podcast pundit Paddy Cullinan’s witchdoctor shenanigans have finally paid off. He’s poached the hot-seat away from regular host Ben Davies, who mysteriously disappeared after being caught up in Saturday’s Davies collision between Kevin Davies and Curtis Davies.

This week’s Off The Post Podcast is much like Arsenal’s push for trophies this season: its lacking key personnel, is littered with individual errors, and although the talent is there, the results aren’t.

Featuring on this week’s show: Owen Coyle’s secret lover, how Bolton are going to save the NHS, mime lessons with referee Peter Walton, and suicide watch at Italian Soccer Saturday.

We’ve also got a roundup of all the weekend’s FA Cup quarter final action and an interview with Henry May, player-manager of Huracan FC London – the Sunday League team supported by hoards of fans in Argentina. So all in all this week’s show contains more tripe than bullet holes currently in Arsene Wenger’s foot.

The video bit:

All those evenings spent at the local drama school seem to finally be paying dividends for referee Peter Walton. Sublime improv:

Big Edwin Van Der Sar showing off the skills that make him the newest member of the OTP Knighthood. Reports that the flying Dutchman employs YouTuber Kris23 full time to make montages of his best moments remain unconfirmed.

A little insight into what Huracan FC London is all about and how they’ve managed to get themselves over 2,000 Argentinean fans.

Italian side Narnese showing that all you need to score in their equivalent of the Ryman North is a striker with a right foot made of lead and an opposition goalkeeper who’s not paying attention. Liquid football.

The Italian equivalent of Phil Thompson reacting to AC Milan getting dumped out of the Champions League by Spurs, live on TV. And he doesn’t seem to take it that well-his face at 2:27 is absolutely priceless.

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