OTP Quiz of the Week 17

Posted by - March 12, 2011 - Competitions, Quiz, South America

With a South American flavour

1. Easy one to start – What is the name of the South American version of the Champions League?

2. And who are its reigning champions?

3. Manchester United’s Brazilian signing Kleberson left to join which side?

4. Which country was mask-wearing ex-Fulham player Facundo Sava from?

5. Who is the top scoring South American in Premier League history?

6. Which South American club has a kit that is based on the colours of the Swedish flag?

7. With which club did Lionel Messi begin his career?

8. Which two Brazilian clubs compete in the often violent Paulista Derby?

9. Which Argentinian team plays in the immense El Monumental?

10. Who are the most successful team in Chilean football (so good they were named twice)?

11. From which European side did Newcastle sign Colombian Faustino Asprilla?

12. Can you name the two Chilean players currently playing in the Premier League?

13. And the two Ecuadorians to play for Birmingham clubs in the Premier League?

14. Some South American countries split their domestic leagues into two sections: Apertura and Clausura. What do these two words translate as?

15. How many of the five players to captain Brazil to World Cup glory can you name?

1. Copa Libertadores

2. Internacional

3. Besiktas

4. Argentinian

5. Carlos Tevez

6. Boca Juniors

7. Newells Old Boys

8. Corinthians and Palmeiras

9. River Plate

10. Colo Colo

11. Parma

12. Gonzalo Jara and Jean Beausejour

13. Ulises de la Cruz and Christian Benitez

14. Opening and Closing

15. Hilderaldo Bellini, Cafu, Dunga, Mauro Ramos, Carlos Alberto