Please remove your shoes before entering Diniyar Bilyaletdinov’s home, but feel free to park in his space

Posted by - March 1, 2011 - Everton, Oddballs

He’s just had the carpet shampooed. Perhaps

The attempts of Russian footballers in the Premier League to communicate with their fans back in the Motherland is frequently hilarious. Imagine our delight then when we discovered that Everton star Diniyar Bilyaletdinov intermittently writes a blog for Russian website

The midfielder’s observations on settling in to life in Liverpool are very enjoyable – there’s no traffic and the air is clean, apparently. But there’s one British ‘tradition’ that really gets on his nerves.

He writes: “And one more feature – I did not accept. They always come in the house with their shoes on. Whether it is a visitor to your teammate or the plumber who comes to remove the data from the water meter. I always ask: remove shoes, and they wonder – why?”

Bily was also mightily relieved when Roy Hodgson was sacked as Liverpool manager. It seems the duo were the protagonists of an unlikely upstairs, downstairs situation in which Hodgson had stolen the Everton player’s parking space.

He wrote: “We were deprived of their famous neighbor. Past six months, one floor below in our house lived Roy Hodgson. He always greeted, good luck, every time the reservation is very nice: not only in the games against Liverpool. In general, a good uncle.

“But Hodgson was at a disadvantage, which is probably unknown by the fans of Liverpool. Hodgson parked his big car badly. In the end, I even had to give him my parking space, so he was comfortable. So when I learned about the dismissal of Hodgson, the first thing he thought: Oops, parking lot back to me!”

OTP will be keeping a very interested eye on the blog over the coming months!

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