Relegation-threatened Crystal Palace fans turn on cheerleaders

Posted by - March 31, 2011 - Championship, Oddballs


Crystal Palace fans believe they have found the culprits for their team’s relegation form. But it’s not the players or coaching staff.

Some Eagles supporters have turned on the club’s cheerleading troupe and have blamed their ‘sexy routines’ for leaving the club hovering above the drop-zone.

Palace fan Gareth Pollock said: “They are just pole dancers on grass and they should be stopped — they are not doing the team any favours.

“When they come out waving their pom-poms I just hang my head.”

He added: “They put everyone off the game — you see the players eyeing them up when they should be focusing on the game. The sooner they go the better.”

But the cheerleaders’ captain Charlotte Duffy reckons anybody blaming her team for Palace’s dire position needs to take a closer look at the team’s home form.

She said: “I think people need to look at the facts, because the team are doing well at home and have not lost a game since we have been there.”

Palace are indeed unbeaten at Selhurst Park since the cheerleaders were introduced on December 11. Granted there has been a lot of draws, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Charlotte, aged 25, added: “We are nowhere near the team during the games.

“We go on before the game and then make a V formation as the players come onto the pitch, but there isn’t even any eye contact.”

Yes, we wouldn’t have expected many of the players to be looking at your eyes, Charlotte, so no doubt even Gareth Pollock will agree with your last point!

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  • hdeagle

    Since Palace have been cheered on by the “Crystals” cheerleaders we have been unbeaten in our last 12 games at home which totally contradicts the press take on things that they are a distraction to our players
    The vast majority of our fans have warmed to the idea of the “Crystals” adding to the spectacle that is a Crystal Palace home game and the girls “Meet and Greet” tours around the ground are very popular as they pose and sign autographs for the fans.

  • AF

    Where did Palace get these cheerleaders from?? When I went down to Selhurst a few years ago, they never looked like this!

  • Cmob09

    Heres those girls in action, they have done the opposite of the fan’s view. We have improved since their arrival I think.