Stewart Downing’s spending habits revealed in court

Posted by - March 9, 2011 - Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Oddballs

Home cinemas, conservatories and walk-in wardrobes, with England winger

Aston Villa and England star Stewart Downing was forced to give us an interesting insight into how a Premier League player spends his wages in court yesterday. Downing was asked to talk about his spending habits hile giving evidence against his former agent Ian Elliott.

Elliott is accused of four counts of fraud after allegedly siphoning off hundreds of thousands of pounds from Downing’s bank account.

The BBC reports:

England player Mr Downing told the court that £136,000 had left his account to pay for a variety of items including a £6,000 walk-in wardrobe, a £30,000 home extension and a £45,000 conservatory.

He had also given family members £180,000 over a number of years, the jury was told.

The former midfielder told the jury the account should have had between £600,000 and £700,000, but contained only £11,000.

Downing told the jury: “If you look at the money that had gone out, there should have been more than £11,000.”

Robin Patton, defending Mr Elliott, said: “That’s if you know what you are doing with your money.”

So there you have it: not quite all the excitement you expected. In fact, if Downing is anything to go by, it appears that Premier League footballers share their spending habits with film buff grannies. A bit of money for the relatives, that conservatory you always wanted, make the kitchen a bit bigger with an extension and the obligatory home cinema!