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The touchline ban: time for a change?

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  • Steve G

    Did fergie get out of hand with his comments, perhaps, weer the touchline bans justified, yes, maybe a few games less. Can the RESPECT program ever work as long as the refs association is never willing to take responsibility for blatent abuse by the refs who want to play the game instead of the players, a resounding NO. Unless the refs themselves take blame when they shit the bed things cannot improve. Take a look at the MLB umpire who last year stole a perfect game from that one pitcher when he clearly made the last out. Immediately upon seeing the replay he apologized for robbing someone of such a moment. Perhaps if footy refs had any sort of fairness inside of them they too could admit to the same thing, but i doubt it.

    On another note why on earth did they assign atkinson to ref chelsea v united at the bridge again after all the bad attention he drew last season with his phantom foul that basically gifted the league to Chelsea is laughable at best

    a pissed off Canadian United fan,

    Steve G

  • Boohoo

    Agree with you Daniel. Mind you, solutions at the highest level should also be replicable in some way at lower levels of the sport. Probably can’t have a spare official to mind Fergie on the naughty stool down at the amateurs but I hope something could be worked out.

  • Anonymous

    If Sam Allardyce was:

    1. Employed
    2. Naughty

    do you think they would make him sit in the dugout for a few matches?

  • Martin Bergin

    There is some merit in your argument that the punishment should be more rigoursly enforced. However, is it not an unfortunate coinsidence that certain refs seem to be at the center of controversies officiating the same teams time and again. Even if you argue that refs are indeed unbiased, then why not have a proper look at the manner in which officials conduct themselves during a game and make them responsible for their decisions by answering questions after a game just like the managers. Why not pay the officials properly and in return get some transparency on their understanding of why they made certain decisions. Also, I think it is high time officials were given the help of the fourth official using video technology before ruling on any controversial incidents.
    Maartin B

  • Stuart Otterson

    UEFA’s rules didn’t exactly prevent Mourhino from allegedly circumventing it with the help of a laundry bin.

    Though it would be entertaining if we had more stories of managers sneaking in and out using laundry bins.

    Whatever punishment is put in place, a manager will always find some way of circumventing it. Even if a manager wasn’t allowed in the stands, they’d watch the match on tele/internet and use telepathy or something to get instructions through.

  • Anonymous

    the touchline ban is useless!! no penalty at all!