Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 5-6 March

Posted by - March 7, 2011 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. Rarely can a hat-trick scored by a striker have been quite so unexpected as Dirk Kuyt’s treble against Manchester United. Both the player and the opposition in question make it a hugely improbable chain of events.

2. It appears that Arsene Wenger must have monopolised all the Get Out Of Jail Free cards at the start of the season.

3. Sir Alex Ferguson really is a big baby. There were no controversial decisions in the match and it wasn’t even close. His team was comprehensively outplayed. He could at least have the grace to face the media after the game.

4. Winning the Carling Cup final gives you a worse hangover than losing the Carling Cup final. Just.

5. Liam Ridgewell and Paul Scharner’s penalty area Greco-Roman wresting was undoubtedly the most homoerotic moment of the weekend. At one point it seemed like they would quite happily grapple each other for the rest of the match as play went on around them.

6. Gary Cahill showed none of the reservations some players have about scoring/celebrating against a former club. In fact, he enjoyed sticking it to Aston Villa so much that he did it twice.

7. It’s a great shame that Demba Ba didn’t create the rolling-around-clutching-your-knee-in-front-of-Tony-Pulis goal celebration.

8. Although they paled into insignificance in comparison with the tragic loss, there had been concerns that the emotional pre-match tribute to Dean Richards would put on a dampener on Wolves v Spurs. Instead it turned out to be a very fitting footballing send-off to Deano.

9. Nani is probably wishing he had invested in a decent pair of shin pads.

10. Luis Suarez must have had a good game for Liverpool because I found myself clapping my arms in a seal-like fashion towards the television after most of his touches.

  • Abe

    kiss my ass bob parker

  • Catchyourselfon

    Media blackout from Alex began on Saturday, So therefore not a hissyfit with regards to the match. Get your shit together boys

  •ôdio/524196439 Pedro David Matos Serôdio

    Good on you! That filthy cheat Nani should have had his leg broken for his ridiculous play acting and fake blood smeared all over his tiny leg scratch. And no controversial decisions? Fergie had it his way again with mighty Carra getting a yellow after Nani’s play acting, truly revolting. Everyone knows you’re allowed at least two studs on tackles without getting any of the ball against a United player (especially if he is Portuguese and a winger) before it is even a foul! Decent work boys, but keep it in mind for next time, Fergie already has the rest of the media in his pocket and it would be a shame for the informal footie blog to go the same way.

  • Rob

    So Fergie made his decision not to talk to the press before the game? How mature of him

  • NEIL

    Ya he didn’t give a pre game press conference either. He was not going to speak to the media regardless of Sunday’s result.