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Top 10 conclusions: Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan

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  • Sean

    I’m no Arsenal fan but thought the Spurs mob would have risen above the “are you watching Arsenal?” chant seconds after the final whistle. i know i know, they hate eachother but take your place among the elite with pride and save the rival bashing for the derby.

  • Mark Gurney

    Do one Sean !

  • Erik

    I must say i am very tired of hearing every time english teams play against italians that oohhhh the italians only dive and we dont because we are so good. The fact is that everyone dives in football for example when Gerrard dived to get a penalty against milan in the Champions League final and i cant even remember italians bitching about it as much as the english media would have.

  • Pedro

    This from the same people who call Nani a diving cheat? Just as the English like to wrongfully stereotype foreign players (yes, Gerrard is a bigger diver than both Nani or Drogba, who happen to go to ground easily WHEN there is contact, not regardless of whether there is contact), there is no love lost on the continent for the tall English centre forward who likes to put himself about. Move to the 21st century, accept that even minimal contact CAN be a foul without having to brand the attacker a cheat and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be more respected on your continental forays.

  • vyper2

    Lmfao. It’s a shame Oscar season has already passed or ‘Arry would be a shoe in for best actor.

    All the talk before the match was about how Spurs were going to attack Milan blah blah blah. The simple fact is, bar a brilliant first half at San Siro, Milan dominated the game. If it weren’t for Gomes’ two saves in the first leg, Spurs would be out.

    They scored with their only real chance of the two ties on a counter attack, then parked the bus at The Lane.

    It’s a shame they won’t be in the competition for another thirty years or thereabouts so Milan can meet them again.

  • Chaz Micallef

    So is that all the EPL had to offer. So “Milan are running scared of Tottenham” did not happen. Milan showed why they are the most decorated club in the world. Italian and other european clubs have nothing to worry about. Let the morons of the english media brag about the self proclaiming, over rated, debt ridden, over hyped EPL.

  • Cyril

    Enjoyed the original post, but it has attracted some bitter responses!

  • Anonymous

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