Breaking news: Robbie Savage is truly humble

Posted by - April 4, 2011 - Oddballs, Ranting and Raving, Twitter

Sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence

Off The Post is not Robbie Savage’s favourite football site, this much is clear.

But after a humbling 4-1 defeat to Cardiff City, Robbie Savage was surely feeling slightly humble, embarassed even. So we thought he would maybe be keeping quiet, because by boasting about how rich he was surely that would be alienating the fans that had travelled all the way to Wales to see the defeat?

We will let you decide:

Lol there are so many haters on here might open a Rothschild to chill !!!

For the haters retired at 36 watch football for rest of my life around the world for a job,might have 5 holidays next year to xxxxxx

For the haters I’ve got some tough decisions coming up like which golf course to play or which mountain to ski !! Lol xxxxxxxx

Oh and what a pity waking up to this every morning !!!! Even though I’ve got a big nose xxxxxx

To the haters got a dilemma ….which car shall I pick the kids up from school in !!!! Xxxxxxxx x

Wow. What a gent.

This is officially my last article on Robbie Savage, it simply annoys me.

And breathe.

  • KM

    Dear god. He actually really rates himself doesn’t he. He looks in the mirror and sees a funny, witty, special guy. The rest of the world looks at him and sees a classless, unintelligent, try hard idiot. He just doesn’t understand that in 10 years time he’ll be the guy in the “remember me?” thing they have during half time on Sky. And the unfortunate bit is, everyone will be saying “no”.