Ex-babyface Kaka lets his beard do the negotiating

Posted by - April 15, 2011 - 'Do Are Ya?, Spain

Smooth operator

Real Madrid and Brazil star Kaka has been appearing with a new look of late: scruffy. The usually clean-shaven midfielder has been spotted sporting a visible shadow something like a three-day growth.

According to Spanish financial paper El Economista, the facial growth is a ploy to remind shaving goods manufacturer Gillette that it has yet to extend his marketing contract. The paper writes:

“The player belonged until last December to a select group of elite athletes who made up the brand’s corporate image as far as sport is concerned. Along with figures such as Tiger Woods and soccer players Thierry Henry, Messi and Rafa Marquez, Kaka has found they have not renewed his sponsorship contract after, in most cases, a grim 2010 as far as sporting results were concerned.”

If Kaka’s stubble trouble encourages Gillette to pull out the chequebook, El Economista estimates that a renewed albeit lower contract with the Brazilian will still cost them around 800,000€.

And let us say that OTP is very excited about the dry financial press paying such attention to matters of footballer manscaping!

Via El Economista [in Spanish]