Jamie Carragher KO sparks Liverpool into decisive action

Posted by - April 18, 2011 - Liverpool

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Jamie Carragher’s nasty looking knockout against Arsenal yesterday obviously scared Liverpool’s hierarchy. The thought of a defence without the stalwart defender caused a knee-jerk reaction: they signed his son.

OK, they signed his son at the end of last week but as the news has only come out today we are sure you’ll let us spin this yarn for comedic effect.

His name? James Carragher, of course.

Liverpool academy chief Frank McParland revealed: “On Thursday night we signed up our latest Under 8 players and Kenny Dalglish and Jay Spearing came along to welcome them.

“Jamie Carragher was also in attendance as we have just recruited his son to play here.”

James took part in his first training session at the Liverpool Academy and got to meet Kenny Dalglish and Jay Spearing, which probably wasn’t quite such a big deal as it would have been for some of the other kids.

The good news for Carragher Snr. is that the Academy’s age categories will serve as an easy reminder of his son’s age.

  • Ceras star

    Love your ending of the article mate!

  • Gbnd

    The hairline, the glasses, the goatee, come on its Rafa aint it?

  • War

    Rafa ride O_O