Jens Lehmann sues Tim Wiese over ‘mental Muppet’ claims

Posted by - April 6, 2011 - Arsenal, Germany, Oddballs

A goalie war

Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has filed a lawsuit against Werder Bremen keeper Tim Wiese. The 41-year-old is seeking compensation from his fellow German goalkeepers’ union member over suggestions that he belongs on the “Muppet Show” and that he has mental health problems.

The incident relates to when Lehmann was working as a television commentator on the Werder Bremen v Spurs Champions League clash last September. Lehmann criticised Wiese’s performance during the match and the Werder keeper was not impressed.

Wiese responded via the press the following day saying Lehmann should “go to the Muppet Show”. He added: “The man belongs on the couch. Perhaps that would help him. He should be committed – preferably locked up.”

Lehmann has now begun legal proceedings and is seeking €20,000 for having his “personal rights violated”. The case will be heard in Munich this week.

We would love to be Wiese’s solicitor – there is some truly terrific evidence to bring before the court!