Kitman: New 2011/12 season football kit sneak peeks

Posted by - April 20, 2011 - Kitman

Latest footy fashions

Strip designs for next season are beginning to leak out – be they genuine or hoax – and some of the new-fangled garb is not pretty. Nike in particular seem determined to return to their roots as the Mythical Goddess of Crap Kits.

So here’s a rundown of some of the best/worst that have been leaked so far.

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Man Utd away from home will don this rather grim blue and black number, a bit like squinting sideways at Inter Milan.

Arsenal away are going blue, blue I say (although this one looks even more suspicious than most)!

Chelsea just get kind of stripier. Note: Torres not depicted celebrating a goal.

Liverpool aim to become a team of black and white fist-clenchers on the road. For the money they spent you’d hope Luis Suarez is pretty mean at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Barcelona’s strip confirms that the big suck-up to the 2022 World Cup has already begun.

Juventus, sitting seventh in the Serie A, have clearly been inspired by the triumphant march of Everton – seventh in the Premiership – with a pink away kit every bit as spankable as the Toffee’s away strip of this season.

Fancy that Ireland’s away strip heavy with the colours of shamrock and Guinness. And one worries that having every player numbered 3 is going to get very confusing.

The Lame Tailor award unfortunately goes to Girondins de Bordeaux, apparently stuck with Puma’s dribbly paint look.

Off The Post will keep on the lookout for new strips as soon as there are more studs clattering along the catwalk.

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  • Stuart Otterson

    I rather like that shade of blue for the Utd away shirt, though I don’t think the overall design of horizontal stripes with black bars quite fits the look of a top premiership team.

    As for that Barcelona one… I mean if that’s the font the Qatar Foundation uses than there’s not much that can be done. It just kinda looks like something printed onto a lower division club.

  • Sanasingla 90

    This is
    what I was looking for from last week. Great work done. 🙂