Man Utd left-back Patrice Evra pledges to take up yoga after seeing Ryan Giggs’ form

Posted by - April 28, 2011 - Manchester United

I wanna play for-Evra too

Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has vowed to start yoga lessons after Ryan Giggs became the Champions League’s oldest ever goalscorer.

As OTP reported earlier this year, Giggs credits yoga for keeping his top-flight career going until the age of 37. He also released a yoga fitness DVD extolling its virtues.

Now it seems that 29-year-old Evra, perhaps realising he’s no longer a spring chicken, has promised he will sign up for yoga classes too.

He told The Sun:

“Ryan says that is what makes him run fast and I’m going to sign up for it straightaway.

“He is 37, he still runs more than almost anyone else on the pitch and he makes a difference.

“It is really impressive – he is a legend and an example to follow.”

Now, we can definitely see some mileage in a Patrice Evra’s Yoga For Beginners DVD.