Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic almost cried at The Notebook

Posted by - April 13, 2011 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Vidi-o nasty

He may be a monster of a defender who will, according to his chant, “f**king murder yer”, but Nemanja Vidic does have emotions after all. Next time Chelsea’s assortment of attacking options are attempting to get the better of the Manchester United centre-back they might want to recite a few lines from chick-flick The Notebook and they might just reduce him to a blubbering wreck.

Vidic told The Mirror: “I know I have a reputation for being strong but I am only human. I cry during very sad moments.

“There was one film – The Notebook – that really touched me too. I was watching it alone, sitting in the dark, and I got very involved in the story.

“I almost cried. Almost.”

If he hadn’t mentioned the crying we would be pointing out that Nemanja Vidic watched The Notebook. By himself. That is to say, a woman was not involved in his decision to watch that film.

But as it is he’s sort of overshadowed that fact.