Mario Balotelli gives £1,000 to homeless man with ginger dreadlocks

Posted by - April 20, 2011 - Manchester City, Oddballs

Charity (nut)case

Another day, another bizarre Mario Balotelli story. At least on this occasion it’s a heart-warming tale with minimal opportunity for severe maiming.

The Manchester City bad boy decided to show his generous side by giving a cut of his winnings to a homeless man after a good night at the casino.

The 20-year-old had been at Manchester’s 235 Casino with Blackburn defender Chris Samba last week when he hit the jackpot with a £25,000 (aka a quarter of one week’s wages) win. Outside the casino he handed over £1,000 to a tramp he regularly sees around Manchester.

A source told The Sun:

“Mario is really generous. He always hands £20 notes to the Big Issue boys without even taking the magazine. There’s a guy he always sees around town with ginger dreadlocks and a beard. He carries his possessions in two carrier bags.

“He was outside the club in the early hours so Mario handed him a wad of notes after his big win. The tramp couldn’t believe his luck. It was enough to keep him going for months.”

Is anyone else imagining Alexi Lalas?

  • Pppp

    As long as he didn’t dare to wink at said tramp when he handed over the cash. That would have been disgraceful behaviour and warrented hanging, quite possibly.