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Posted by - April 15, 2011 - Predictions, Premier League, Quotes, Ranting and Raving

Guess who’s back

Stating the bleeding obvious“The Latics’ biggest problem is that they are far too sloppy at the back without being clinical enough at the other end.”

So they defend badly and attack badly? Insightful

“Out of the two clubs, you worry a lot more about West Ham’s survival prospects than you do about Villa’s.”

Yes you do. As they have five less points with six games to go.

Easy does it
Blackburn’s recent away record is terrible. Everyone else has turned them over, and done so quite easily too.

Blackburn’s away record has indeed been faeces, but easily? Two of their last three defeats away from home have been 3-2 to Fulham (where they conceded a last minute penalty) and 4-3 to Wigan.

Not only has Lawro started predicting Liverpool to lose games (which coincides with them starting to win), but he is also showering rivals Everton with inaccurate compliments:

“Everton are one of the form teams in the country at the moment.”

Ten teams in England’s top four leagues have gained more points from their last eight games.

Don’t cry for me Argentina
“With Tevez out, I don’t see any matchwinners left for City”

So not Adam Johnson (matchwinner this season against Newcastle and Blackpool (h), or David Silva (matchwinner this season against Blackpool (a) and Wigan, or Mario Balotelli (matchwinner against West Brom)?

Lawro logic
“I think Bolton are the better team, by virtue of where they are in the Premier League, but I am not sure that will have much bearing on the outcome at Wembley.” Prediction: Bolton to win 2-1.

So you think that Bolton are better, purely because they have five more points over 32 games? But this doesn’t mean they will win? But they’ll win?

  • Clarence

    I often enjoy this blog about Lawro, as most weeks he is a complete clown, but this is just nitpicking now.

    In the premier league form guide of the last 6 games, Everton are joint first. Only 10 teams better in the whole country would also make them one of the best!

    As for Man City, he is not talking about match winners as literally people who have won a match by a single goal, come on. He means people who can change a game, and win the game against Manchester United, and in fairness, most people would agree with him.

    As for the Bolton one, yes they have proven to be the better team this season but form often goes out the window for cup games. He says the league position won’t have “much bearing”, meaning it will still have a bearing, and even if it didn’t affect the game at all, predicting a Bolton win would not be considered weird anyway as they are a good team.

  • Tim

    Have to agree with Clarence. This was funny at first but now it just seems like you are trying far too hard to find fault in Lawro’s column when pretty much everything he said pretty much makes sense.

    Especially don’t agree with the Man City statement. I think you proved your own point when you listed the teams that these players had been ‘match winners’ against. Excluding Newcastle all teams in the relegation battle. Not really the same as finding a ‘match winner’ against Man Utd at Wembley is it?

  • Matthew Fairgrieve

    Came here to say exactly what Clarence has!!

    Everton being better than all but 10 teams means they ARE on better form than the other 81, yes EIGHTY-ONE clubs in England.

    And let’s be honest, City do rather rely on Tevez as a match-winner. But it’s not just his goals, his build-up play, assists and general presence and leadership have won matches and propelled City up the league.

    Perhaps it’s time to lay off Lawro and bring this weekly column to an end.

  • Ben

    Bit harsh criticising Lawro for stating the obvious; OTP do this every week in ‘A huge weekend for..’

    How about OTP offer some predictions each week when taking apart Lawro’s comments and we’ll see who comes out on top?