OTP gets to grips with the Heineken Star Player

Posted by - April 29, 2011 - Adverts and Commercial, Games

Your chance to head to win Champions League tickets

OTP was this week lucky enough to be the guests of Heineken at the launch of their brand-spanking new iPhone app, Star Player. The bash was staged at the Emirates Stadium, which was a tad ironic seeing as it’s a game that you play exclusively during UEFA Champions League matches.

The app is very simple but immediately addictive. You play along as the game is happening in real time, anticipating events unfolding on the pitch live and making decisions over what you think will happen in the next few seconds.

To score points, you have to anticipate what will happen at key moments like corners, free kicks from dangerous positions (will it get cleared, saved, missed or scored), or whether or not there will be a goal in the next 30 seconds, gaining points with every correct forecast.

The goal prediction element is especially enjoyable, with far more points being given for a goal predicted 29 seconds before it happens, rather than 2 seconds before the ball gets tapped in. You only get eight goal prediction chances per game, so the flurry of missed first-half chance as we played along to Manchester United v Schalke meant OTP paid a dear price for having such an itchy trigger finger.

If there isn’t much happening in the game itself (say, for example, Pedro has gone down clutching his face again), then a CL trivia question will be thrown your way with points up for grabs. The quicker you answer, the bigger the reward.

At first, OTP did have reservations that the Star Player app would turn attention away from the game itself and leave us staring at the iPhone screen, feverishly sweating over trivia questions and league standings instead of watching the action unfold.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. The app only focuses on quiet moments, usually when the ball is dead (before corners, free kicks, penalties etc) so you aren’t looking at your phone whilst Xavi is busy slotting Messi in on goal.

All in all, Heineken Star Player is a great bit of kit for the iPhone, iPod Touch or your laptop, and the fact it can be snapped up from the App Store for free is a real result.

OTP does need to get a bit more practice in though, as we finished 9th out of 17 in our launch night mini league, after hovering just above the relegation zone for most of the evening. The Stoke City of Star Player, if you will.

So if it all sounds like your cup of tea, Heineken has set up a league for 24 OTP readers to get involved in. The league runs until the final on May 28th, and the player with the highest score from one out of 3 possible matches (the two semi-final second legs and the final) will win two tickets to any UK UEFA Champions League group stage match next season. It’s all done on a first come, first served basis, so get signed up, click on the link below, enter the league code, and get involved!

LEAGUE LINK: http://apps.facebook.com/heinekenstarplayer/?|=uprs8lexj0
LEAGUE CODE: uprs8lexj0