OTP Podcast: Episode 20 – Jacko Goes Cottaging

Posted by - April 6, 2011 - Podcast

Ben, the two of us need look no more

In a week in which Mohammed Al-Fayed unveiled his “gift” to the world of football – a full colour statue of the King of Pop that may well be made of plastecine and doesn’t actually look like him – the OTP Podcast team has been investigating some off the wall issues of its own, such as: Jens Lehmann’s latest legal battle, Anfield’s shower secrets, a bright prospect for Qatar 2022 (and no, he’s not English), and a Lithuanian wonder goal.

We’ve also got a full roundup of the best and worst of all the weekend’s action and an exclusive interview with one of our more offensively opinionated listeners, Jonny Chunks. Should be a thriller.

Your Thriller videos

No, it’s not a new player, or some new equipment in the team gym.  It’s a statue of a Fulham legend, ever popular with the entire fan base for his services to the club. Oh no wait, it’s Michael Jackson.

Gary O’Neil showing that West Ham are not the only irons in his life.

Lithuanian centre-back Marius Stankevicius scoring a belter against Spain, giving the team and the fans a chance to forget about how terrible their national stadium is, for a couple of minutes at least. Less flagpoles, more seats please Mr. Architect.

Barcelona five-a-side goalkeeper proving that impossible really is nothing by lobbing the opposition keeper on a five-a-side pitch. The bad news for the man conceding the goal is that the  “sun in the eyes” excuse won’t hold much water either, what with it being an indoor stadium and all.

Japan’s nine-year-old answer to Lionel Messi showcasing some sublime skills on and off the pitch. So if we don’t have another Freddie Adu on our hands he should be ready for our viewing pleasure at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Just don’t try the garden wall trick at home. It almost always ends badly. Trust us.

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