Pep Guardiola: ‘Jose Mourinho is the f*cking chief of the press conference’

Posted by - April 27, 2011 - Champions League, Football videos, Spain

Champions League mind-games claim their first victim

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola last night shocked the assembled journalists by using his Champions League press conference to launch into a sweary monologue on Jose Mourinho’s mind-games.

In the sort of tactic where you’re not quite sure whether Guardiola is a genius or has lost the plot completely, he conceded defeat to his Real Madrid counterpart in the mind-games ahead of their Champions League semi-final.

Guardiola said:

“He spoke directly to me, so I’ll do the same to him. Tomorrow we’ll take to the pitch at 20:45. Off the pitch he’s beaten me.

“In this room [the media room] he’s the f*cking chief, the f*cking boss, and I can never compete with that.

“It’s the kind of game that I won’t play because I can’t do it.”

The sweary Spanish you’re listening our for in the video above is “es el puto jefe, el puto amo”, which is about 1min 11secs into the video.

So what had Mourinho done to provoke such a response? He seized on a comment made by Guardiola that Mourinho would be “super happy” if Portuguese referee Pedro Proenca was chosen for the match. Upon the news that Germany’s Wolfgang Stark would officiate, the Special One went to town.

He said: “Besides the naming of the referee and the pressure that they exerted that it was not Proenca, the most important thing is that we are in new cycle.

“Up to now we have had two types of coaches. A very small group of coaches who never speak to the referees. After that, there is a bigger group, of whom I am one, who criticise the referees when they make huge errors. But it is also a group who are happy to highlight the good work of the referee.

“And now, with the declaration of Pep the other day, we are entering a new era with a third group, which for the moment includes only him, who criticise the correct decision of the referee. This is something I have never seen in the world of football.”

The chief is at work!

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