Terry Venables shows off his incredible prediction powers once again

Posted by - April 20, 2011 - FA Cup, Predictions

Always back the reverse of El Tel’s picks

Ex-England manager and current The Sun columnist Terry Venables has repeated his knack of predicting the exact opposite of what will actually happen.

In his column published last Saturday, entitled Why it will be Utd v Bolton final, El Tel outlines precisely why Manchester City and Stoke City will not be going to the FA Cup final.

In his defence, Venables does say that Yaya Toure will be vital to Man City in Carlos Tevez’s absence. But he also claims the experience of Michael Carrick (who gifted the goal) and Paul Scholes (well, you all know what happened there) will be central to United’s triumph.

As for Bolton, their “passage seems to be written in the stars”.

All of which reminds us of our favourite Venables prediction FAIL.

Thanks to OTP reader Dan for the tip.