Top five conclusions: Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona

Posted by - April 27, 2011 - Champions League, Conclusions, Lists, Spain

1. Bless you Lionel Messi for bringing some absolute class to what would have otherwise just been a battle. And what a goal his second and Barca’s second was.

2. If only Barcelona hadn’t have won you would have sworn it was part of Jose Mourinho’s masterplan to be sent to his pitchside martyr’s prison cell.

3. All the pre-match talk of referees and inevitable red cards from Guardiola and Mourinho, and it looks like they are at least on par in the prediction stakes.

4. OTP isn’t convinced that Jose Pinto did too much wrong, nor that hitting Uefa suits – if that’s what he supposedly did – really merits a red card.

5. We now have our answer to the quiz question: name the Champions League semi-final with three sendings off which finished with 21 men on the pitch.

  • Tommy Angelo
  • Andy

    Until UEFA punishes players who go down holding their faces after being bumped in the shoulder games like this are going to be a train-wreck. Something about ‘only-the-captain-can-lobby-the-ref’ might be useful too.

    Are Barca good or are they a “crafty” team with one incredible player? I am yet to be convinced they could win the premier league (their away record against English teams isnt up to much).