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Top ten players of all time: Goalkeepers

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  • Massimo Taibi

    I think it can sometimes be too easy to dismiss recent players as being the greatest as players from the past will always be looked at with rose tinted glasses (to a degree) or hardly viewed at all (Yashin and Pele).

    Schmeichel was immense, he wasn’t just the greatest keeper of all time, he revolutionised goalkeeping. The star jump blocks, his long throws, no other keeper did these things. His perfomances in the 92 Euros against Holland and Germany were unbelievable too, he pretty much won Denmark that trophy.

    My favourite save of his which I still haven’t since since it was on MOTD the day he did it was a shot by David Howes (I think) away to Spurs. The ball was going in the top corner and Peter lept and held the ball with one hand, landed with the ball still in his one hand, incredible.

  • Justin

    Some good names in there. Sepp Maier helped revolutionise goalkeeping, and more than played his part in winning all the important trophies. But he never played on anything less than star-laden, powerhouse teams, and as a goalkeeper, he wasn’t nearly as good as Neville Southall – without whom there really cannot be a top 10 list – Ray Clemence, Hans Van Breukelen, Jean-Marie Pfaff, or Peter Shilton. Dino Zoff, too, has been treated a bit more kindly by history than his actual ability warranted.

  • Boohoo

    Kahn made a hash of what should have been his greatest game, the 2002 World Cup Final.

  • Jekyll

    I wonder if you even saw Lev Yashin ever play football?