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Top ten worst footballing injuries

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  • Dean

    Oh come on – Markus Babbel?

    Dude had Guillain–Barré syndrome and was left in a wheelchair for over a year!

  • Dean

    And before some smartarse says it wasn’t a footballing injury – Babbel was told it was a “direct result” of an infection he picked up playing for Liverpool.

  • Matthew Fairgrieve

    Very good point. Guess they were ignoring “ilnesses”

    Another one was Jamie Brooks, former Oxford United player

  • BigHopper

    I remember seeing Battiston go down. It looked bad right from the outset. I wonder how that game might have finished if Schumacher had have been sent off.

  • Morten

    Alf Inge Haaland retired because of an injury to the other knee than that Keane breaked in two.

    Regards from Norway!

  • Stuart

    Sorry, just wanted to point out it’s spelt Brian McClair. Not meaning to be picky.