Video: Finnish U16 Joonas Jokinen takes the somersault penalty

Posted by - April 7, 2011 - Football videos, Oddballs

Cocky spot-kick

After an incident like this, referees ought to have to power to allow the opposition to take one free hit at the mug of the player in question.

In this case, that player is Joonas Jokinen of Swiss outfit FC Baar’s under 16 team. He took this ridiculously arrogant penalty against FC Sempach.

OTP can’t decide if it would have been more or less enjoyable had Jokinen actually missed the penalty. What we do know is that Steve Watson would have incorporated the somersault into his run-up and not taken the easy option of somersaulting after the kick!

  • Krit Kerdnaimongkol

    Who is Steve Watson ?

  • Brian Roberts

    Doobt we’ll see anyhing like this doon “The Volley” this Saturday eh?!!