Video: German player takes phone call during match, still breaks up counter-attack

Posted by - April 8, 2011 - Football videos, Germany, Oddballs

A tough call for the referee

We would have sworn blind that this was a viral for a German mobile operator, but our pals at Dirty Tackle have put names to the players and teams involved. So it appears this hideous incident is genuine!

The footage comes from a German amateur match between SV Sem Jemgum and Fortuna Veenhusen. Sem Jemgum’s Matthias Hilbrands is ushered over to the touchline to take a call on his mobile phone. The player is happily chatting away when the opposition keeper bowls the ball out to launch a counter-attack.

Hilbrands breaks off his phone call to break-up with attack, as he slides in with a crunching tackle. The referee books him – hopefully for the stupidity of being on his mobile during a match, because the tackle looked pretty fair to us.