Video: Lazio’s Cristian Brocchi reignites the goal-line technology debate

Posted by - April 8, 2011 - Football videos, Italy

Let’s… do… the… Lampard… again!

You don’t need to do the Time Warp to go back to Frank(enfurter)’s infamously disallowed goal for England against Germany at Bloemfontein in the 2010 World Cup. All you need to do is watch this lovely attempt by Cristian Brocchi for Lazio against Napoli in the Serie A last weekend.

It’s all depressingly familiar: crossbar, down, backspin, out. Even viewed at normal speed it clearly looks a goal, yet both the referee and his assistant completely missed it. The assistant in particular appears to have a completely unobstructed view of the incident. The disallowed goal proved important as Lazio went on to lose the game, possibly decisive in the race for Champions League slots, 3-4 to Napoli.

Kudos, while we are here, for the beautiful audio editing on this clip. Listen for the commentator’s howled: ‘La palla non e’ entrata!’ (The ball didn’t go in!) Followed by a quite sheepish: ‘La palla e’ entrata’ (The ball went in).