Video: Lionel Messi’s brilliant second goal (Real Madrid v Barcelona)

Posted by - April 28, 2011 - Champions League, Football videos, Spain

Sheer class

If ever there was a game this goal didn’t belong in, it was last night’s Champions League semi-final scrap between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Fortunately, Leo Messi was on hand to provide something of footballing merit to discuss along with all the red cards, squabbles, diving, cheating, theatrics and post-match dressing room lock-ins.

  • Danielle Warren

    What an incredible goal. When I was watching the game live, as soon as he had the ball just past the half way line, you could sense something was going to happen. The game opened up after his first goal, but even so, I never expected such individual brilliance. The way he took on four Madrid players like they were nothing was just astounding. He continues to blow me away. That’s 52 goals this season, unreal.

  • Jado Assaf

    always rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Boohoo

    As Phillip Micallef said: “This Bernabeu battle between two of the world’s richest clubs, which have assembled the finest players money can buy, degenerated into a despicable contest comprising all that is unpleasant and abhorrent in the beautiful game.”

    Thank heavens for Leo.