Video: Raul leads Schalke fans in a song and dance

Posted by - April 15, 2011 - Champions League, Football videos, Germany

These outstanding scenes comes from Wednesday night and Schalke completing their demolition of Inter Milan to book their place in the Champions League semi-final.

Hero of the hour Raul was drafted in by the fans to assist with the post-match celebrations. The Spanish star was handed a microphone and encouraged to lead the Schalke faithful in chants, songs and the occasional dance.

Meanwhile, his team-mates took the role of spectators crouching on the pitch as one fan bellows through the microphone: “Sit down, God [Raul] will speak.”

Equally fascinating was that the TV station continued to broadcast the celebrations live. ITV’s advertisers would be having a fit!

Make sure you watch to the end for the commentator’s great sign-off line: “Manchester calling… und dann Wembley calling.”

Spotted on 101GG