Video: Stoke fan earns £20 in Wembley beer money by licking his mate’s stinky finger

Posted by - April 26, 2011 - FA Cup, Football videos, Stoke City

The unseen damage of exorbitant stadium beer prices!

This disturbing and desperate footage comes from Stoke’s FA Cup semi-final victory over Bolton at Wembley. You probably won’t want to watch this while you’re tucking into a snack!

The Stoke fan on the right is short of a few quid. His mate, on the left, agrees to give him £20… but only if he will sniff and then lick his finger. Said finger has, to quote the YouTube spiel, been around his “sweaty nut sack” and “in his ringer a few times”.

The hard-up Potter wins his bet, but is immediately sick as a result of the sniff ‘n’ lick challenge!

  • Bobbins

    was that his sixth finger he was sniffing ???

  • Hatter Blues

    The dirty 6 fingered bastards

  • Hatter Blues

    Dirty 6 fingered bastards