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Video: Wayne Rooney swears at the camera (West Ham v Manchester United)

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  • Dennisoh Mufc Dennisky

    really prayin that Rooney is not banned

  • Jimbo

    There is a general principal called freedom of speech. Rooney is fully entitled to say whatever he likes to whomever he likes, as long as he is not inciting hatred. The media needs to get a grip. There are far worse things out there than a simple 4 letter word. And maybe, just maybe, Rooney wouldn’t have said that if the same media hadn’t been tormenting the poor guy for the last 10 months.

    But hey, it sells papers and at the end of the day that is all they care about.

  • Andy

    One player kissed the camera, one gave a four letter celebration.
    One team might be relegated, the other leads the league.

    Maybe a coincidence?

    I say move the cameras back and let the players play.