Brave/daft Manchester United fans unveil ’19 times’ banner at Anfield

Posted by - May 17, 2011 - Liverpool, Manchester United

Banner wars

Manchester United supporters infiltrated Anfield before Liverpool’s match against Spurs on Sunday to unveil a banner celebrating overtaking their rivals’ record number of league titles.

As the Anfield faithful launched into their pre-match chorus of You’ll Never Walk Alone, the undercover Red Devils hung a banner reading “MUFC 19 TIMES” in the Anfield Road End.

The pranksters, from the Red Issue fanzine, had a getaway driver waiting and exited the ground sharpish. United fans had also taken up positions in other parts of Anfield to capture photographic evidence of their efforts.

It’s not clear how long the banner was allowed to stay in position before being spotted by Reds fans.

The banner has now been praised by Sir Alex Ferguson.

  • No hooligans

    Can anyone confirm where Gary Neville was at the time of the incident?u00a0

  • No hooligans

    Can anyone confirm where Gary Neville was at the time of the incident?u00a0

  • John Dodd

    Bless em, they waited long enough to break our record, have they not?, will certainly be taken back by LIVERPOOL!!!.

  • Xfakers

    u00a0was he caught??

  • Shantanu Gautam


  • Jimbo

    Hah, yeah good man there John. 12 titles in 18 years isn’t quick enough for you? You’re record is gone. Consigned to the rubbish bin of history. But who knows, maybe you won’t have to wait another 21 years to win a title. United will probably have another 12 by that stage anyway 😀

  • 18&5

    u00a0Makes them look small-time and obsessed. u00a0Brave? One of the day-trippers might have hit them with their Liverworld bag.

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  • Redsrant

    I think they will make it an annual event.nObviously next year it will sayn”MUFC 20 TIMES”

  • wewonit5timesatattaturk

    u00a0ncredit to the united fans that got into stadium to elect banner, thats dedication for you paying out for 3-4 tickets at 48 quid each and the long drive from surrey, mustve cost you a few quid for a day outu00a0

  • jason mchugh

    United Here, United There, United Every F**kin’ Where !!!