Manchester City fan stabbed by fellow supporters because he didn’t have a local accent

Posted by - May 10, 2011 - Manchester City

This is a local club for local people

Manchester City fans – and the rest of us – have long had the fallback jibe that no Manchester United fans are actually from Manchester. But this story undermines their credibility by showing the consequences of the belief that City are very much a Manchester club.

A Citeh fan who went to the aid of a West Ham supporter being beaten up by two men in City shirts was himself stabbed. The thugs didn’t believe he was a City supporter because he didn’t have a Manchester accent.

The stabbing victim said: “The West Ham fan was with a little boy who was clearly upset. I think it might have been his son.

“I walked over and said ‘lads, that’s out of order’.

“But then one of them turned on me. He kept calling me a Cockney – I am from Nottingham and he wouldn’t believe I was a City fan. He was drunk and asked me what it had to do with me. I stepped in to stop them and one of them hit me from behind. Another then hit me with a screwdriver.”

He spent two days in intensive care with a damaged lung.

The incident happened after the two sides met in the Premier League on 1 May.


  • NottinghamCockney

    Stay classy, City fans.

  • Peterbryan Callum

    don’t know who you are Nob Parker 2 stories about City both very anti-city. Somehow doubt any credability in this story. Show us some proof. Wonder who you support ??

  • neil

    Here’s your credibility, from the Manchester Evening News: n….

  • Isaac Ashe

    Are you saying that this didn’t happen? Or that it’s not so bad that it happened? n

  • USA

    fuken yellowteethed yuropoors n

  • mcfcguest

    as a city fan im disgusted to share my club with some ‘fans’ grown men fighting over football is pathetic, wont change the outcome on the pitch and give more ammunition to the media, grow up and support your club, no doubt the same idiots that sing munich songs… every club has idiots, would love them all to crawl into a hole and fight amongst themselves instead of getting real supporters involved. nnnwish the guy a quick recovery and hopefully the 2 guys that did it get what they deserve.nnnctidn