Online football streaming hits the big time

Posted by - May 13, 2011 - Adverts and Commercial

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Watching football online has become a key part of the life of the modern football fan. A backlash against the subscription fees of some broadcasters, coupled with the fact that UK TV audiences have very limited football viewing options compared to the rest of the world, has stoked massive interest in viewing football on the web.

Although the ability to keep up-to-date with all the latest action from the Bolivian Division Two with such ease has obvious benefits for us all, you are always left with a sneaking suspicion that all those hours hunched over your laptop is not only a bit unsociable but also liable to leave you with the eyesight of the linesman at a Chelsea game.

You were streaming football matches all that time you were hunched over your laptop, right? We thought so.

Well, there's now a more eyesight and group friendly way of watching your favourite internet football streams. Veebeam allows you to watch the matches you would normally watch on your tiny computer screen on your 42-inch home cinema screen instead (or whatever size of TV you happen to have).

This small device allows you to transmit anything that is on your computer screen straight onto your TV. There are no wires and it's easy to set-up. There is even a setting that allows you, or someone else, to view other windows on the laptop without interrupting the stream, so you can blog, tweet or surf the net at the same time if the match is a bit dull.

Veebeam is capable of transmitting through a wall, so it doesn't even matter if your computer and TV are in different rooms, you can still watch the match in comfort.

Buy it now from Amazon for £139


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