OTP Podcast: Episode 24 – Dirty Basement

Posted by - May 4, 2011 - Podcast

This week’s Pod is brought to you by the letter ‘A’: Alex, Andy, Alan and animals

The Pod is back to full strength this week, with Stu returning from the continent, Paddy returning from the Buckingham Palace sewers, and Jonny Chunks returning to his parole officer. With a fully fit team back together, why not light up a couple of candles, put on some dolphin music, and take a nice, warm audio bath with us?

On this week’s show we’ve been immersing ourselves in the following: intergalactic adventures with Alex Ferguson, Andy Townsend goes (plant) potty in Madrid, French lessons with Alan Pardew, and why animals and world football just don’t mix.

As per usual, we’ve also got a full roundup of the best and most ridiculous of the weekend’s Premier League action, our girthiest inductee into the knighthood to date, and we answer the question everyone is asking: just what does Paddy keep in his basement?


Tottenham’s Heurelho Gomes doing what he does best-effortlessly letting a football sneak through his body. At least he’s done his bit to try and get goalmouth technology introduced into football-are you watching big Sepp?

The latest inductee to the OTP Knighthood Peter Odemwingie showing he’s got it all: pace, technique, a great finish, and… girth.

If you’re a beekeeping football fan, then look away now. This match between Brazilian sides Vila Nova and Goias turned into a hive of activity when a swarm of bees, not the usual lagered-up fans, invaded the pitch.  Unfortunately for them, instead of being marched off by a steward, they were swiftly given the “diesel oil” treatment from the local fire department. That’s got to sting.

Now footage of the infamous fatal “owl kick” by Luis Moreno in Colombia. The Deportivo Pereira player is finally paying the price though-he’s been fined and given community service at the local zoo. Seems a bit harsh on the animals – you wouldn’t send a convicted paedophile to do community service in a school.

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