OTP Podcast: Episode 25 – Making Emile Of It

Posted by - May 11, 2011 - Podcast

Coaxing nonsense from the footballing wordwork

The OTP Podcast is back, ready to take on the might of everything sublime and ridiculous in the Premier League and world football. The gruelling nature of the season is starting to get to us though, and the pod is suffering as a result.

Research is lacking in depth and quality even more so than usual, anecdotes are being delivered half-heartedly, and Fulham fan Stu is now the subject of a number of superinjunctions after spending some “quality time” round the back of an Odeon cinema with Bobby Zamora.

But we did just about summon up the energy to get through all of this: Heurelho Gomes’ margarine hands, taking Javier Hernandez to the cinema, why pitch invasions are a good idea in Chechnya, and an Italian linesman defending Sian Massey’s honour. Couple this with a full round-up of the best of the rest of the Premier League weekend and it’s just like the club physio has administered you with a painkilling injection, but for your ears.


An excellent win for Wolves kept Big Mick smiling this week, and gave us a very tenuous excuse to show this video again. Such a beautiful man.

After Sian Massey got clattered at Cardiff last week, an Italian linesman has taken it upon himself to fight back with a huge hit on Livorno coach Walter Novellio. Keep watching until the end for some classic, unbiased Italian journalism. The BBC would be proud.

Ever wondered where the best place to invade a pitch is? Chechnya, apparently. Instead of getting tackled by an overweight steward and a night in a cell, this cheeky chappy got a Roberto Carlos autograph and a chance to celebrate in front of the crowd. He was later spotted Russian home to celebrate (geddit?).

The same can’t be said for this Colombian pitch invader in the Copa Libertadores match between Junior and Jaguares, where one player, much unlike Heurelho Gomes, takes things into his own hands.

Remarkably, in the very same game, Jaguares goalkeeper Jorge Villalpando attacked his coach after being subbed off for having a shocker.  The incident may go some way to explaining why Redknapp has never had the guts to haul Gomes off early-the ramifications could be violent.

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