OTP Quiz of the Week 23

Posted by - May 7, 2011 - Champions League, Quiz

How much do you know about the Champions League final?

1. In which city was the Final held last year?

2. I scored twice in a final in the 1990’s, when my team upset the odds to win. Later in my career I moved to Merseyside but wasn’t the hit I had hoped I would be. Who am I?

3. Who were the two finalists in the first Champions League final?

4. Who was the English referee who took charge of the final in 1994?

5. Who were the first team to win the Champions League final on penalties?

Can you name the players that scored in the final in the following seasons and also went on to play in the Premier League?

6. 1995?

7. 2001?

8. 2004?

9. Who scored the first goal of the ‘miracle final’ of 2005?

10. Which Arsenal player was sacrificed by being substituted when Jens Lehmann was sent off in 2006?

11. How many different nationalities were in the Liverpool squad when they lost to AC Milan in 2007: 8, 10, or 12?

12. Can you name the three players to miss in the shootout between Manchester United and Chelsea in 2008?

13. Howard Webb was the referee in last year’s final. But which Premier League referee was fourth official?

14. The Ajax squad in the final of 1995 contained two Nigerian players. Both went on to appear in the Premier League. Can you name either?

15. Who are the only two teams to have lost three Champions League finals?

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1. Madrid

2. Karl Heinz Riedle

3. Marseille and AC Milan

4. Philip Don

5. Juventus

6. Patrick Kluivert

7. Gaizka Mendieta

8. Deco

9. Paolo Maldini

10. Robert Pires

11. 12

12. Nicolas Anelka, John Terry, Cristiano Ronaldo

13. Martin Atkinson

14. Nwankwo Kanu and Finidi George

15. AC Milan and Juventus