Super Mario Balotelli confronts school bullies

Posted by - May 10, 2011 - All News

And he didn’t even use a dart

Yes, he parks his car where he wants, strops around the pitch, throws darts at his team-mates and chants at hookers in restaurants, but he also gives money to tramps and – in his latest escapade – confronts school bullies.

Balotelli was concerned that a young autograph hunter at Manchester City’s Carrington training ground should have been in school. After asking the lad and his mum why he was not in lessons, the young Italian discovered that the boy was being bullied at school.

The story goes that they all piled into Balotelli’s white Maserati and drove to the school, where Mario demanded a meeting with the headteacher. He made the lad reveal what had been happening and identify the culprit.

Balotelli is said to have then made the bully and victim shake hands before heading off into the sunset in the Maserati. (We bet he was parked on the zig-zag lines outside the school gates. Because he can.)

A souce (ie someone being paid a lot of money to make sure Mario’s part-time counselling services get more attention than his dart-throwing) said: “Mario feels strongly about bullying and thinks it’s out of order.

“He had no qualms about sorting the mess out as he felt the lad should not be missing out on school.”

And they all lived happily ever after.

  • Haitham Joudeh

    Super Balotellin

  • Proxyabu

    I think the writer wrote this with a sneer all over his or her face.This is sarcasm