Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 14-15 May

Posted by - May 16, 2011 - All News

1. The manner of West Ham’s relegation just sums up their season really. Surrendering a 0-2 lead when they needed the win to stay up was symbolic of how poor they’ve been.

2. Robert Green has spent most of the season redeeming himself after last summer’s World Cup howler. He has been one of the Hammers’ most consistent performers, but Wigan’s third goal represents a move back to square one.

3. Last week we concluded that Manchester United had won the title that nobody wanted to win. This week they sealed their place as champions, while Chelsea and Arsenal underlined the fact that they didn’t want to win it anyway.

4. There has always been suggestions that Harry Redknapp doesn’t ‘do’ tactics. And if the Spurs boss’ aim was to avoid the Europa League, we’re inclined to agree with these suggestions.

5. Matches like Blackpool’s 4-3 victory over Bolton remind you why you really hope the Seasiders stay up.

6. In fact, other than the Hammers and Birmingham, all the other teams down there can be delighted with their efforts over the weekend.

7. We’re looking forward to seeing which chairman gets twitchy in November and gives Avram Grant a shot at his relegation hat-trick.

8. Liverpool fans will be hoping that Kenny Dalglish isn’t at his most effective when he doesn’t know whether or not he has a job.

9. Newcastle fans enjoyed their draw at Chelsea but, perhaps even more so their: “There’s only two Ameobis chant.”

10. There are a few Sky Sports presenters who might not see out Survival Sunday. A couple of potential coronary victims, we reckon.