Top 10 Premier League muscle men

Posted by - May 3, 2011 - Lists

There is little doubting that the Premier League is the most physically demanding league in the world. Today OTP salutes the players whose response to the game’s rigours is to hit the gym equipment and ensure that, if nothing else, they are absolutely ripped.

1. George Elokobi
It’s often said about men with muscley necks, like Cristiano Ronaldo, that ‘his neck is as wide as his head’. Well, Wolves defender Elokobi’s nick is wider than his head. And he has a pretty wide head. He’s also generally massive and built like the proverbial brick outhouse.

2. Didier Drogba
The only (current) Premier League player muscley enough to be granted a topless cover shot for Vanity Fair. The Chelsea striker shared the glossy accolade with Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. Tim Howard
As you can see, the Everton goalkeeper has muscles on muscles. So much so that he was featured in the ESPN Body Issue, with strategically placed goalkeeping gloves covering his modesty and, quite possibly, Action Man-style genitals.

4. Carlo Ancelotti
The man with muscliest forehead in football. He rarely gives his eyebrow a rest from its non-stop workout.

5. Theo Walcott… ‘s sister
That’s right. The Arsenal speed merchant’s bodybuilding fanatic sister, Hollie Walcott, puts just about everyone else on this list to shame. She claims her little bro has asked for tips on how to improve his six-pack.

6. Gareth Bale
Generally a muscley chap for his build, but we’re chucking him in the list especially for his ginormous thigh muscles – so big his has to tape them into place.

7. Micah Richards
Gone are the days when full-back was the natural home of the weediest player in the team. At least at Manchester City they are. Micah Richards is obviously know stranger to pumping iron and comfortably earns his place on the list. Impressive six-pack, plus a set of shoulders, biceps and pecs that looks like it’s detachable from the rest of his torso.

8. Rio Ferdinand
His on-pitch presence gives the impression of a wiry man, but Rio is actually ripped and he post pictures online to prove it. Then again, it was probably pretty easy to guess that he had plenty of muscles by virtue of the number he manages to strain or pull.

9. Jack Rodwell
Bless him. He was so pleased about his muscles that he posted this photo on his Bebo profile before he had even broken into the Everton first-team, so we didn’t want to upset him by omitting him from the list.

10. Daniel Agger
Liverpool’s Danish defender is honoured here for services to six-pack. He has also been known to unleash a bicep tensing goal celebration upon finding the net. Perhaps an homage to some bodybuilding buddies.

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