Top 10 shocking football before and after shots

Posted by - May 18, 2011 - Lists

Inspired by our rediscovery of Neil Shipperley, and his subsequent inclusion on our Top 10 fattest football managers list, here’s a group of personalities who have undergone quite a transformation.

1. Neil Shipperley
Where better to start than the man who planted the seed from which this list grew? Don’t get us wrong, the ex-Southampton, Chelsea and Crystal Palace striker has always been a big lad. But whereas he used to be a handful for defenders, he’s now a tricky forklift truck load.

2. Michael Johnson
The Manchester City youngster was once heralded as the saviour of England’s midfield. Now he’s lauded as the saviour of his local.

3. Stephen Ireland
Before settling on his current baldy bonce, the Aston Villa midfielder surprised us all with a completely different approach to tackling his hair loss.

4. Mats Magnusson
The ex-Sweden international shocked supporters at former club Benfica when he turned up to play for them in the Haiti Earthquake charity match. Their former star clumsily made his way round the pitch looking a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Junior.

5. Benni McCarthy
Perhaps not quite so shocking since this has happened before our very eyes and we’ve been kept updated with the South African striker’s latest fines for missing his weight targets. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to remind yourself of what a fit McCarthy looked like.

6. Rene Higuita
The inventor of the scorpion kick went under the knife live on Colombian TV in 2005. He said: “I am tired of being ugly René, I want to be handsome René.” You can judge for yourselves whether he got his wish.

7. Sasa Curcic
During his time in England, the ex-Aston Villa man sported a sizeable conk. That’s long gone, as the front cover of his book neatly displays.

8. Jordi Cruyff
In retrospect, all the clues were there. You can see his beautiful blond locks are beginning to thin, and that is no doubt why he kept them so long. Nowadays there is no choice involved in hair length for Johan’s lad.

9. Luke Chadwick
Has he had plastic surgery? We’d like to think that the infamously ugly Manchester United youngster wasn’t driven to those lengths by the jibes he received. He definitely has acquired the services of a very good dentist and found a moderately better barber though.

10. Ronaldo
Perhaps the archetypal example of a footballer whose physique has changed dramatically. It’s easy to dismiss him as Fat Ronaldo, but it’s equally as easy to remember what he used to look like.

Do you know a football personality who has changed beyond recognition or undergone a dramatic transformation? Leave your suggestions below.

  • Anonymous

    u00a0And here’s one that just missed the cut:nn

  • a_flew

    u00a0Here’s a few who have caused the MOTD2 sofa to be reinforced:nDean AshtonnJohn HartsonnGarth Crooks

  • Hollis216

    Clyde Bestu00a0

  • Rob

    Alan Brazil, Kenny Sansom fats gits

  • Jason gerrard

    the biggest transfomation is the whole liverpool team transformed from a winning team into the losers we see today.

  • JayC_NCFC

    Have you met dean ashton? he’s hench as fuck you thick  fuck