Video: Lothar Matthaus throws sweary diva hissy fit at Al Jazeera TV

Posted by - May 5, 2011 - Champions League, Football videos, Germany, Oddballs

Do you know who I am?

There is probably one or two retired international strikers watching this video and wishing they could have found a way to unleash Lothar Matthaus’ inner diva during his playing days.

It seems the way to wind-up the former German stalwart is to cancel a TV appearance at short notice.

Matthaus was due to appear on Al Jazeera’s Champions League coverage of the knockout game between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. But his punditry spot was cancelled 10 minutes before the game because a German interpreter had not been organised.

So, Lothar decided to let rip with a foul-mouthed tirade in English, which also could have done with an interpreter.

He said: “Eh, eh, I tell you now something. I stay only in Munich for this f***ing job tonight; I come down, you give me nothing. Sorry. You think you can play with me? I’m not a child!

“I lose all my evening.”