Video: Footballer sent-off over penis piercing

Posted by - June 23, 2011 - Down Under, Football videos, Hard Tackle, Oddballs

Refereeing cock-up

We have covered some weird and wonderful stories on Off The Post over the years, but this might just be the weirdest yet.

Macclesfield-born Aaron Eccleston, of Melbourne side Old Hill Wanderers reserves, was red-carded at the weekend for having his penis pierced.

Little Aaron’s bling was deemed so offensive that the referee decided to send him off.

The video starts with Aaron being marched to the dressing room by the referee for a penis inspection. That has got to be a footballing first straight away.

A disgruntled chap, presumably the team’s manager, said: “He’s got it in. He’s going to send him off. He said he’d taken it out.”

Eccleston emerges and is shown a red card by the referee, who presumably found the offending piece of jewellery.

The player can be heard to comment: “I’m making a complaint, ref. It’s not right looking at my c*ck.”

We’re inclined to agree with you, Aaron. And yet you went to dressing room of your own accord and got your tackle out for him!

If you are anything like OTP you are probably thinking ‘how did the ref know about it in the first place?’. The answer, it seems, is that Eccleston took a blow to his privates as he jumped for a header and pulled his shorts down to check he hadn’t lost anything, anatomically or piercing-wise.

He’s no doubt now thinking that check could have waiting until half-time, in which case he would have saved himself from YouTube humiliation.

  • Neil

    Sky Sports can do all the special reports they want on the impact of the Respect campaign at grass roots level, but when you get referee’s with this level of common sense, respect is impossoble.

  • Boohoo

    Ummm. Speechless!

  • Nick de Naeyer

    The ref may have been a twat, but anyone who willingly puts a hole in their old chap and hangs bling from it needs sectioning.

  • Gareth Piggott

    The rule is you are not to wear any Jewellery on the pitch. This player had played some of the match with an illegal piece of jewellery. However, normally the ref will ask you to take it off and everyone carries on. If this guy refused to take it off, or lied about having taken it off, then the ref is within his rights not to let him carry on playing.

  • Anonymous

    Probably a bumper for his knob: next indicators for his balls.

  • John Dugan

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