Napoli owner goes a bit mental at Serie A fixture draw, commandeers scooter

Posted by - July 28, 2011 - Football videos, Italy, Oddballs

Putting the mope in moped

Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis showed his displeasure at the Serie A fixture list for the new season by storming out of the draw and demanding a stranger drive him away on a scooter.

The crazy owner felt the computer responsible for the draw was deliberately serving up difficult matches around his side’s Champions League fixtures.

According to Football Italia:

He swore at the gathered Serie A club Presidents, FIGC members and media in the Lega hall as he walked away.

“It’s all been mapped out against us,” he blasted. “Enough is enough, I’m going back to cinema.

“I’m ashamed to be Italian! I want to change citizenship!”

Having stormed out of the building, De Laurentiis stopped a random bloke on a scooter and asked him for a lift (presumably to the cinema). The stranger was happy to oblige and Napoli’s owner headed off into the sunset riding pillion!

Spotted on Dirty Tackle