GIF It: Manchester United legend Roy Keane bullies a young Danny Welbeck

Posted by - January 12, 2012 - GIF It, Manchester United

Now we know how Roy Keane controlled the Manchester United dressing room as captain for so long. He ruled with an iron fist, starting with childish bullying of the United junior teams!

  • Sirus

    Haha Keano LEGEND!!

  • Mancunian__Red

    we loved keane ! moved on !
    we love you danny ! 

  • Jonny

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  • Anonymous

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  • Swizzer

    Change the headline you idiot.  Hes not bullying, he’s playing

  • Samedgar04


  • Cj7

    what a twatish headline…have you ever seen bullying???? Dick

  • Jon0077

    You are a fucking wanker i’d love for Roy to show you what bullying means. All you are is some cunt trying to make headlines you deserve the sack you lazy bastard

  • Kabirkhan

    once a kid did this to Gerrard while they were getting ready to go onto the pitch. i think it was liverpool vs chelsea. youtube it.