Manchester City star Mario Balotelli calls into a school to use the toilet

Posted by - January 12, 2012 - Manchester City, Oddballs

Yep, it’s another zany Mario Balotelli story.

This time everyone’s favourite eccentric Italian striker has called into a school to empty his bladder.

The Manchester City man made an impromptu visit to Xaverian College in Manchester at around 1.30pm this afternoon.

He parked his white Bentley on the 1,800-pupil school’s car park before walking inside to ask if he could use the toilet.

He went into the canteen to get directions to the loos before using the facilities. He then popped into the staff room to chat to teachers, before wandering around the grounds.

Mario and his three friends stayed for about 20 minutes before driving off, leaving pupils wondering what on earth had just happened.

He said: “Balotelli parked his Bentley outside then came in and was asking where the toilets were, then he went to the teacher’s staff room.

Student Josh Keogh, aged 18, told Manchester Evening News: “When he was walking around all the City fans were cheering him.

“He just seemed proper chilled. It was really weird to see him at our college but pretty amazing.”