Bayer Leverkusen players ordered to auction Messi shirts after scrapping over one at half-time

Posted by - February 16, 2012 - Champions League, Football videos, Germany, Kitman, Spain

No need to get shirty

Bayer Leverkusen sports director Rudi Voller has vowed that two Lionel Messi shirts acquired during his side’s Tuesday night defeat to Barcelona will both be auctioned for charity after his players fought over one of them at half-time.

Defenders Michal Kadlec and Manuel Friedrich battled to get Messi’s shirt as the players made their way down the tunnel after the first-half. Friedrich came out on top and secured the Barcelona star’s jersey.

Kadlec wasn’t going to give up that easily though, and bagged Messi’s second-half shirt at full-time. Voller was not impressed with the efforts the players had gone to and will make it clear that he wants their energy focused on defending against the Argentine star rather than collecting memorabilia.

He said: “I can guarantee you that these two players will auction off the tops for a good cause.

“What they did was too much of a good thing. I have not yet spoken with them but I will do it.”

OTP is inclined to agree. Asking for a shirt at half-time probably veers into the realms of showing your opponents a bit too much respect.