Video: Samsunspor team bus gets hit by a train!

Posted by - February 10, 2012 - Football videos, Oddballs

Lucky escape

This is absolutely crazy.

Thankfully for the players of Turkish side Samsunspor, as train collisions go this is very much at the low speed end of the scale. It must have been pretty terrifying nonetheless.

CCTV cameras show the team’s coach waiting at traffic lights on a roundabout. When they set off, their route involves crossing a railway line. The bus driver seemingly didn’t see the approaching train and attempted to cross the tracks.

The driver, Recep Terzi, said: “It was midnight. The ramps were up when I was about to cross. While slowly crossing, I realized a train was approaching and had its lights off. I immediately accelerated. After I stepped on the gas, the train hit the left back wheel of the bus and pushed us aside.

“If I had not seen the train at the last second, it would have hit the middle of the bus and that would have led to great damage and could have even cost many lives. The players awoke in panic; many later said they were lucky to have survived.”

The club’s 23-year-old defender Hakan Arslan and 24-year-old midfielder Serdar Ozkan were both injured in the incident, but it could have been a lot worse.

Via 101GG