Carlos Tevez’s celebration golf swing analysed in excruciating detail by Sky Sports golf expert

Posted by - April 19, 2012 - Football videos, Manchester City

On this week’s podcast, OTP took a light-hearted look a Tevez’ golf swing goal celebration against Norwich. While we gave the Argentine’s action a brief analysis – deciding he was working a “soft fade” – Sky Sports have gone a fair few steps further in their observations.

Dimply-ball smashing expert Simon Holmes provided a rather dismissive dismantling of Carlos’ action. The striker was criticised most fiercely for his “little chicken wing right elbow” on the back swing – a technical abomination that was given the humiliating digital magnifying glass treatment.

To add insult to injury for Man City fans, who would have expected much better given his huge stints on the golf course of late, Tevez was condemned for having “too much elbow separation” in his follow-through.

Clearly Carlos is not the natural golfer that OTP desperately wanted him to be. But it’s not the end of the road.

This week the very first ‘Golfoot Masters’ took place in Switzerland. Yes, it is the dream sport for Carlos: a beautiful meshing of football and golf, requiring participants to smash a football on the green and into the understandably massive hole.

It would be interesting to see which current day players would succeed best at this laughable but undeniably appealing venture, which was launched by Teddy Sheringham and former France international Christian Karembeu. Given its non-contact nature, this may be our best bet at finally eliminating diving from the game and certainly the ‘club’ of choice will be a no brainer for the caddy.

Goalkeepers would surely dominate the par 5s with their long-distance power, while the likes of Juan Mata and David Silva would produce some crisp chips onto the foot-putting surface.

Chicken wings aside, we still think Carlos has the skills and experience in both sports to dominate though.